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Re: Revival of Alley Racing

February 24, 2012 at 3:55 pm

This is a reply from Mike Feltenberger who is the driving force behind the revival of Reading Alley Racing:

Thanks,we currently have 168 cars take at least 1 lap down the 55 ft. speedway and the ages have ranged from 9 to 71.
Our 71 year old,just got his car out of the attic and hasn’t been raced since 1972,so this is absolutely incredible.
Right now we are expecting entries for our 2 big events tomorrow from 6 states.We had a gentleman come in from near Albany,NY last night and his wife told me that when he saw this,he was taking 2 vacation days to come down on Thursday and Friday and if he feels he’s competitive,will enter tomorrow.I actually have to open the track at 4 PM today because of all the new cars that were built this week would like track time to get ready.
I NEVER expected this response and now there were rumors that Lenny Sammons is hoping we do this at Motorsports next year and one of our local big event halls has requested the Alley Racers there for a weekend later in the year.
The track is for sale after Saturday night in hoes that someone will purchase it and keep it going.Plans for a portable track are being worked on.
3 Wide Joe is now coming on Saturday to witness the hysteria surrounding alley racing.
Just wish this would continue to keep some of the older race fans active some way or another.
I’m 56 and I still am active in auto racing with my Strapped In Racing Magazine,Strapped In TV Show,media photographer for many local tracks and NASCAR events.I’m also the chief starter at a few events in our area,so racing does keep me busy.
Wish you could’ve made it,there are some car owners that are looking for some drivers tomorrow.

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