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Bill Force
Submitted on 2011/12/28 at 2:50 pm

For those of you that made it to this website,thanks for supporting Ray and Bob.
Also I would ask that you spread the word about the site to anyone,especially to the families,friends and drivers that raced at the AC/Pleasantville Speedway.
We have lost some of our fellow drivers this past year and none of us are getting any younger.
This site was generated for the guys and gals who participated in events at this track.
This past November we had an autograph session at the Pumpkin Run,it was a real nice event.
I have some of the autograph sheets left over,although they’re unsigned,
they’re still a great piece of memorabilia of some of the drivers,including
Ann Ransom,former Miss AC Speedway.
To help Ray with the cost to run and upgrade the site,I would like to offer them at $10.00 each + plus postage.
The money will go directly to Ray and the site.
If you look at history of the speedway you’ll find it was the roots and stepping stone for many drivers like myself.
Soooooo lets keep this site going.
I will send some the autograph sheets to Ray and you can e-mail Ray to get his address etc.