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Re: Great job on the site, Ray

Thanks for all the nice things you said Bill,but along the way there have been countless numbers of people who have helped make the site what it is today.
Starting with Bob,my tech,who is an amazing guy behind a computer and a good friend most of all.All of the other people on the "About Us" page,Tom Flanagan,Tom McAndrews,Sal Moschella,Claude Nelson,your self,Ken Sooy and everyone who has come forward with info, pictures etc.Now, Ken Walker has volunteered to help with the site.I thank all of you for helping to tell the story of Pleasantville Speedway and for keeping the memories alive.I would hope that if you come on this site,that you go to the "Appreciation" & "Sponsor" pages to view those who have helped at least once,because without them we would be struggling for sure.
So, thanks again everyone for hanging in there when we had some problems.Now enjoy the site!...raycer27