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Sal Moschella

Great picture of Sal Moschella in the Senior moments section of 3 wides! I recently finished a drawing of Sal in the DeFeo Duck,coming soon to this website...stay tuned!!

Re: Sal Moschella

My uncle Nick Calabrese built all the ducks the 3 and the 8 ducks for Frank DeFeo. Sal was the best but he was a little crazy.
My uncle had to install a large red light on the dash so he could see it from the stands it would come on when the car got hot
Sal would never bring the car in when it was overheating and blow the engine and when the engine blew he would say he got no warning. Sal won the points championship in 1959 at Pleasantville Speedway I think he won 9 features that season. Prior to my uncle building cars for DeFeo He had his own cars they were the eight ball Driven by Charlie Angerman Jr That was around 1955.