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Re: A Forwarded Letter from Terry Van Benthuysen

Earl,I am overwhelmed at this point,I have gotten many phone calls and emails resulting from your article in AARN! I'm glad to see so many people cared that much to send their congrats directed at me and while I sincerely appreciate the accolades,there's a whole lot of people who got behind this website and supported it.
One only has to go to the "Appreciation" page on our site to see the many people who contributed their input,photos,stories and memories, without them it wouldn't have been so successful.
Bob Criscuolo,who helped to design and form the site,Ken Walker our Graphic Designer,Claude Nelson who keeps me straight on factual stats and of course Charlie Lindmar and Bill Force who constantly keep coming up with ideas for the site to name a few.
It would be pretty difficult without these guys helping to keep things together,it's not just about me.
Our gratification is seeing or hearing that we brought back a memory or two and that people are still remembered from back in the day.
I hope that you will make it to the Pumpkin Run in November as I'd like to meet you and shake your hand.
Thanks so much for your interest and support of the website.
Regards,Ray Miles