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Bump and run, is it fun, is it exciting for the race fan?

Mentioning the "Bump and Run” at Wall.
It has been going on for years.
Throw in politics, money and whatever you want, but it happens at other tracks as well, but not as prominent as it is at Wall.
Seen it, been dumped and still see it.
Wow 15 cars? If I promoted the race venue, you bump a guy out you go to the rear, the guy you bump gets his spot back. Simple, you bump again and dump a guy a second time; you’re done for the night.
How many races would some of these guys win if they did not dump guys?
Look at the way New Egypt handles it, you dump a guy on purpose, and you go to the rear. The guys that run from mid pack back, their budgets are a lot smaller and without those guys, where would the show be?
I have a lot of ideas on getting a better fan base; the crowd at Wall Saturday was really weak, back gate again, trying to finance the track, why not work at getting a good balance?
I am sure a lot of people do try, but sometimes people can’t see the forest for the trees. A lot could be said, but a lot of racing groups and organizations have issues, vintage and current day. The support that you get is usually based on how much the owners, promoters or the board listens to the teams or membership. Without structure of some kind, car counts will suffer because of it.
In the vintage clubs, the involvement of youth members is key, plus reorganizing the track events, such as structuring an event so that one guy does not lap the field 5 times in a 10 lap exhibition event.
No matter what the current or vintage classes, the leaders and promoters need to get everyone’s input for better events, the little guys are your backbone and with out them car counts suffer as well.
AC Gambler’s Classic indoors, is another example where there needs to have input from EVERYONE! If the promoter of that event had to pay for the damage to the cars that got shoved into those 800 lb tires, they would also seek a better way. They used to have cones surrounding the inside of the track, if you hit a cone you were able to continue as opposed to hitting those 800lb. tires that destroyed the cars that hit them. What about the “special” mufflers that were required for each car at approx. $135.00 apiece that were supposed to reduce the noise level, did they really do the job, not really it was just as noisy as it was in the past.
Wow I could go on but wow where do the teams have any input,
And finally we personally had a sponsor who wanted 2 of his barmaids to give out flyers on fan fest night for 1 hour on track, then they left to go back to work and They were told they would each have to buy a pit pass.. wow! These are racers who follow and support special races such as these and the promoters want to suck every dime they can get from the guys that are putting on the show.
The fans want to see a good clean race, not 40 restarts because guys bump and run. How about some changes!
Seems I may have got a bit ***** but after running for so many years as a shoe string racer it just ticks me off.
With out the 85 % of us little guys where would the other 15 % be?
But I would not trade it for anything, well maybe to have someone just listen to that 85 % sometimes.

Re: Bump and run, is it fun, is it exciting for the race fan?

Many good points were made. Most will fall on deaf ears but I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't care for bump and run racing.