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Fuel Capacities on Sprint Cup cars

Is it me or are they're others out there who are sick of these high dollar Nascar races that are dependent on whether they have enough fuel to finish the race?
If you're paying the price for a ticket for a race, that's what you want to see...a race, not everyone hanging back saving fuel so you don't run out.
Personally, I'd like to see as many cars on the lead lap in position to win of running as hard as they could to win the race.
Yes, some will say, "They all have the same chance,it's all about fuel management and who's the better crew chief",that is also true, but is that exciting for the fan, to watch a "Save fuel" fuel mileage race? Is that what fans spend good money to see or would they rather see a pedal to the metal photo-finish where they leave nothing on the table?
I'd like to see Nascar go back to bigger gas tanks...JMO

Re: Fuel Capacities on Sprint Cup cars

Nascar like almost every form of auto racing has gotten out of hand. Yes
everone would rather see pedal to the metal,fender rubbing racing,but when
you get a driver that races like that(Brad K.,Kyle B.)they are labeled dare-
devils,crazy,and or dangerous,so they try to make it exciting by doing the
feul milage deal. Ain't working in my book.