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Phonecall / Pumpkinrun

Ray Miles sorry about being cut off on the phone,we'll touch base again soon. To Bill FORCE,Harry Fleming,and Ray MILES, I have waited all year to return to the pumpkinrun after attending my first visit last year with my friend PAT and my #74.We had such a great time and were treated so well by the staff and everyone that I couldnot wait to return! My house in PT.Pleasant was damaged by the Noreaster/hurricane and there is NO-WAY I can ride away from this now and have a good time. I promise Bill Force that I would be there but I just could'nt.Hope to be there next year. Terry Van #74

Re: Phonecall / Pumpkinrun

Hey Terry,no apologies needed,we all know that you would've been there if you could.We all just hope you get your home repaired and then you've got next year to look forward too.There are pix of the Run in the P'ville News and a bunch on 3 wide.I'm working on a slide show of the Run which will be up soon.