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Acts of Sportsmanship,on & off the Track

`On this post we're looking for some stories of people that you or your pit crew helped to get their cars ready, or them helping you, either at the track or during the week. Maybe as a race fan you know of some act of sportsmanship that happened with your favorite driver or crew.
I remember a night at Vineland speedway,during a race, a car caught fire between the 3rd & 4th turn and Elton Hildreth grabbed his fire extinguisher, jumped out of his car, went over and put the fire out. I forgot to mention that Elton's car was still moving when he jumped from the car, it hit the fence and bent the tie rod. They did allow him to repair the car and restart the race from the position he was in when the accident occurred The car might have been Frankie Leeds from Pleasantville, I'm not sure.
Whatever stories you know of, we'd like to hear them.

Re: Acts of Sportsmanship,on & off the Track

The owners of the 73, Jim Habermehl and Earl Heugel were the nicest guys. The first time I wrecked my car; these 2 guys came over after the races were done and they were looking at the damage and I thought I was forever done with racing but Jim and Earl just calmly told me not to worry; they would come to my house and show me how to straighten and repair the car, which they did and they weren’t even in the accident that wrecked my car, they were just super nice guys that loved the sport and didn’t mind helping a fellow competitor out. I bought a trophy and gave it to them at the awards banquet as a sportsmanship award for their act of kindness.