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John Lyons

We talk so much about memories of the past,and I cannot forget to mention my good friend John Lyons. I first got to know John on my intial vist to Tom Skinner's garage in 1959. John was a valuable crew member on the 659's especially the coupes. In fact, John purschased the next to the last 36 chevy coupe from Skinner. And why not ! He helped Tom and knew at that time more than anyone. except for Tom, all about those cars. And it sure was fun, especially when he and Siscone were the subject of talking points at P'ville. But, John was more than just a crew member. He became quite a friend of our family. He would pick me up and take me home many a night after the races and during the week, after we worked on our cars. My mother made sure he had Sunday dinner with us for many years. John, still to today, is like a big brother to me. I always have lots of laughs with he and Siscone telling stories of the past.

Re: John Lyons

I know we'd all like to hear those stories and here at LSRacers we're planning to allot a space on our website for just that...story telling.
We still have some planning and lay outs to do on the project.
The stories will probably be sent to either my or Ken's email address
then we'll proof read and fix typos and install them onto the site or
they could also phone them in.
We're open to all suggestions.