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Nascar's downfall

Why would anyone take a gold mine where you were making money hand over fist and just destroy it? That wouldn’t make sense to most people but apparently Brian France doesn’t understand that. NASCAR can throw every reason in the book out to the general public who might not know any better and get away with it but there are many people who are not as dumb and naïve as he thinks they are. NASCAR shot itself in the foot years ago when they would change they’re comic book rules in midstream to suit their favorite team or driver. If some mechanic had an edge over the next guy, than the next guy had to catch up. If a team was quicker in the pits (remember what the Wood brothers did to the jack to change tires faster), then the team next to them practiced and got as fast as they were. Instead, NASCAR changes the rules so everyone can catch up. This started the fan base on the decline because real fans saw the writing on the wall and started to watch fewer races.

Then, if one of their favorite teams is not out front and in a position to win or just to create some excitement, they needed to throw in some green-white-checkered finishes. But how do they create them? No problem. Look, there is piece of popcorn on the apron. Call a debris caution and bunch the field up. It didn’t take long for real fans to catch on. These phantom debris cautions are the biggest farce since WWF. The real race fans caught on to this long ago and they changed the channel to something else to watch. The fan base drops lower.

The working person made NASCAR what it is. When money took over, the little guy was thrown under the bus. All the people who scrimped and saved to buy a ticket to Bristol were rewarded but being told they were not allowed to have a ticket. Money came in and the big corporations would buy blocks of tickets to take their customers and employees to the race. There were no tickets left for the little guy. He couldn’t get a ticket unless he knew someone or had a pocket full of money. But then something happened. The economy lays and egg and all of a sudden the big money corporations are not buying their blocks of tickets anymore. The big shots have cut back on spending. So what does NASCAR do? They come back to the little guy they threw under the bus to bail them out. All of a sudden they’re advertising that you can get the ticket you never thought you could. The problem is a lot of the little guys saw what they were doing and told NASCAR where they could go. And the fan base drops further. Now, Bristol can’t sell out and the reason? NASCAR says it’s the economy. Real face fans say its NASCAR’s antics and the WWF format they run instead of a race.

Now they have come up with the ultimate in bunching up the field. Someone in the flag stand just happened to bump into the caution light and turn it on with just three laps to go. Nobody bumped it for 497 laps but, right at the time when no one had a chance to catch Carl Edwards and a Hendricks car was not in a position to win, someone just happened to bump the caution light switch and turn it on. How stupid does NASCAR think the average person is? They would have been better off throwing one of their phantom cautions. At least the people expected that but to come up with someone accidently leaning into the caution light switch just at the time when it would cause a green-white checkered? I’m sorry but there are many people here in Tennessee that are very intelligent. We are not just a bunch of stupid hillbillies that don’t know any better. Thank God the rain came just at the right time.

NASCAR is the reason that the fan base is in the basement. They can blame the economy, gas prices and hotel owners or come up with some asinine excuse like they do to throw a caution flag. NASCAR waved the red flag at a lot of loyal fans over the years. They are the reason people are not coming out to the races. They are the reason that tracks are not selling out. They are the reason people are choosing to spend their money elsewhere. The problem NASCAR has today is NASCAR itself. If Brian France had taken a page out of his grandfather’s book, NASCAR would still be a great sport to watch. William HG France might have ruled NASCAR with an iron fist but in the end, he was fair, he treated the fans to a great show and he was the reason we have NASCAR today.

Jon H. Clifton
Gray, TN