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Sacha Runa Intensive Shamanic Training : Community Forum
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An open to letter to Mahzza...

Dearest Mahzza,
In perspective,it has been a few weeks within this eternal moment that you left your body. A little over the 49 days spoken of by some as the bardo. I have thought about you every single day, prayed to you every night, kept your picture close to me and watched my tears transform from excruciating deep visceral pain to joy and lightness of heart and being. So be it that this was the experience I was to have in the young weeks following our precious time together in Bolivia during the August retreat with Maestro Don Miguel. I am astonished to realize how closely this experience mirrored my experience with Ayahuasca,the vine of death and vine of the soul. When I first learned that you fell into a coma and were "dying",I too fell to the sand on the Californian coast,a part of me dying inside and it felt remarkably similar to when you were there for me in Bolivia as I expelled agony from the deepest recesses of my soul. Yet somehow and in someway there was a presence of unconditional love enveloping me and the subsequent process of the pain transforming into joy, peace and the sense that a healing was taking place and insight was beginning to manifest is absolutely beautiful. I left the retreat without having a clear understanding of what I had endured only describing it in the best way I could as a true...rite of passage. However,I could hear crystal clear the voice of my teacher in India say: "Value what you have come to know". Mahzza,I value what I have come to know.
It is with the greatest blessing that I can say I have no regret. There was nothing left unsaid between you and I. You were the impetus to my coming to Bolivia through your loving continuous persistance during your apprenticeship, and it is clear now that my most important reason for being there was to bond,learn, and heal with you. There is simply no limit to the grace and gratitude I feel for this opportunity and for having taken it. The last time we saw each other following our trip to Isla del Sol, we hugged tightly, looked into each others eyes and both said...I love you. In the relatively short span of time we came to know one another, you saw something in me and encouraged me to access my highest potential. From the beach in Thailand to the windswept coast of Northern Ireland to stunning Bolivia you became one of the most important and cherished beings in my life. I am forever changed and a far better person having known you and as our dear brother Ciardha wrote: "Such gratitude for the beautiful man who brought revolutionary love and friendship to the lives of so many he touched". However,being in your presence required that one had to be real. You didnt accept anything less. Your knowing eyes could see through anything less. You were so fully engaged in this physical world...unabashedly human...juicy and fleshy yet you truly and totally experienced your divinity and it is because of this that I feel your work here was complete this time and your higher self chose this time,this "moment of creation" to merge with the core of your being in the spiritual realm and perhaps a day will come when you will again "die" and be born, reemerging into the physical world.
I feel you prepared yourself in Bolivia under the guidance and protection of Don Miguel, Magical Tim and Family. I am so happy you were able to experience joy and happiness with another Angel during the retreat. You then returned home, connected with friends and family and left in your Mothers arms...How breathtakingly beautiful is that,I ask? I am so grateful that your Father kept me informed and i think you know how desperately I tried to get to you to hold your hand before you left. It happened all to fast. Your Mother is an extraordinary and beautiful woman. Is there any wonder? We have become friends and I hope to visit her soon. It is an unimaginably difficult time for her Mahzza as both of her children have left before her. Please wrap your wings around her and breathe peace into her soul...she loves you so...
Before I close I feel to add a cautionary note. There will always be that which I dont understand about the Great Mystery and the many forces that inhabit it. If there is anything that I am missing here or if you were harmed or ensorcelled in anyway or if there is anything that I may do for you, please let me know.
Mahzza, It is time to say goodbye. Goodbye to the relationship we had and for me to let you go and set you free. I welcome with awe and wonder our new relationship. I will soon burn my cherished photograph, yet like the sacred staff of Allkamari, I will carry you with me inside my soul for all of eternity...

Dragons up above,
Dragons down below..
Dragons in the sky,
Dragons in the sea..
Mahzza all round, Mahzza everywhere...

The sky is beautiful,
The rain falls on all,
The mountain stands tall,
And the wind will blow you home...

Mahzza, I love you now, always and in All Ways...Thank you so much.

Brother John

Re: An open to letter to Mahzza...

indeed, this is a sad loss, even for me who has never met mahzza in person.

we should put his biography on the site.

mahzza died of a disease from inhaling the air near a certain kind of mouse droppings.

miguel and carmen have named a building on their land after him.

Re: An open to letter to Mahzza...

As I sit to writte this I am in complete awe at the mysterious ways of Spirit.

It is hard to reconcile the loss of somebody whom I consider a precious gift onto life and onto all of us who have been honoured by coming upon his presence, his grace and his friendship. And I cannot help wonder the sense of depriving all those he would have served so well, so lovingly and so powerfully of the service he was devoting himself to provide.

Those of us who have shared with him the Shamanic Intensive Training Course he so diligently attended every time it took place, know that he was always ready to serve, to put out all the energy needed to make something happen, or to be available and lend a hand, an ear or a Heart whenever and to whomever needed.

I personally have seen his enormous dedication and the huge leap in his personal transformation, I have been awed and delighted by his creativity that produced wonderfully effective and powerfully healing shamanic songs that became supporting pillars in our healing ceremonies. I have witnessed countless participants in such healing ceremonies be powerfully, beautifully and lovingly touched, comforted and uplifted by his songs, his presence and his care.

Above all, I have been personally deeply touched by his unconditional friendship, his love and support even in the face of my shortcomings, his courage in the face of challenges, and his beautiful humor to help us all face our scariest demons.

His departure leaves us shocked, surprised and grieving, but in the perfection of it all we know that his healing spirit will forever support, protect and accompany us in our work, as he will forever live in the hearts of all tose who have loved and honoured him.

We will name a new bulding dedicated to teaching Healing Arts Workshops in our Retreat Center “Allkamari” in the Bolivian Andes after Him.

More importantly, those of us who walk the path of healing he had chosen, his brothers and sisters, will endeavour to learn the beautiful healing songs he has gifted us with, in order that his legacy may continue to touch all tose who participate in such gatherings searching for healing, solace and peace.

To his Mother, to his family, to his friends, to all his relations, I say Mazzha lived a Great Life, left a Great Trace, honur his soul and Do Likewise.

OH Great Spirit, your ways are misterious onto us, but I believe they are perfect, and know they are; may we all have the courage and wisdom to accept “All That Is” as sacred, be grateful and bless “All That Is” with every step, every thought, every action and every word.

To All My Relations.

Re: An open to letter to Mahzza...

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