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Blessings from the heart of the work. Sacha Runa presents this intimate forum for those who have or are considering participating in the month-long Intensive Shamanic Training. Feel free to leave contact information, speak your truth, and open to the fullest potential of this growing Shamanic community. Namaste.

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shamanic landscapes

ten thousand jewelled blessings
soul to soul

finally i sit down to write in detail about my experience of the month
long sacha runa intensive shamanic training. soon to follow is a drop
about the 15 day dieta that followed.

this was in bolivia, near peru. here is the website : : i made the site as a partial trade for the course.

my teacher, miguel kavlin has two spiritual centres, each with several
structures on beautiful, key locations. one just out of the city, and
one in the jungle.

here's a picture of me, just arriving at the la paz centre, called
allkamari, where we began the course :

i was so blessed to have shared this course with 6 other remarkable
beings, from countries all over the world. ask me at the beginning of
the course how a ceremony was, and i would tell you my experience. ask
me at the end, and i would tell you how everyone else did, and then
how it was for me. i felt the same process in us all.

here are some of the people i shared the space with :

julian, from england : this man taught me in so many ways that it
really is ok to be yourself all the time :

sanja, from kroatia ... ultimate goddess. this powerful healing gypsie
taught me several sacred songs and helped me so much to open up to my
sensual nature in everything i do :

miguel's apprentice, from belgium : a very humble and wise character,
and one of the most dedicated hard working beings i have ever met (as
well as a favourite singer of mine) :

diego, jungle staff, from the states : sweet relief from all the
intensity of ceremony after ceremony :

miguel's apprentice, don, my super buddy from toronto, barry, the
gentle, honest psychologist from victoria :

miguel, my teacher, playing chess with julian :

dear dear henry, from ireland : magical, mysterious creature of the
earth (and a living encyclopedia) :

and also there was steve, who took these pictures, so he's not
featured here. steve is a wonderful pragmatic anthropologist from
ohio, and young : about my age.

finally there was devayana, from germany, who does this once a year,
and who didn't spend much time with the group outside of ceremonies.

we began the course with a vine ceremony in the partially underground
peace chamber (based on a vision by beautiful painted arrow). the
medicine is very different in south america, and this was my first
taste of that unique aesthetic. it was one of the strongest drinks i'd
had in the 7 ceremonies to that point.

the whole night was filled with deep and very specific teachings. i'll
share that i was instructed to relax as much as possible, and not to
worry about anything... the medicine explained that things operate
differently there. you just make yourself as comfortable as possible,
and everything else takes care of itself. calm down, silverbirch, calm
down. ok...

so many visions of generations and generations of shamans native to
that land, shaking rattles, making burnt offerings, preparing
medicine, and pointing to the mountains, which opened up into a shaft
of light. the medicine said, "it's a looooong road ahead of you now"
(all shamans reveal an endless road) "and you have to go to the island
of the sun". that would be at lake titkaka (more on that later).

with that, filled with new energy and wisdom, we set out early the
next day to split up into four groups. each group did about an 8 hour
pilgrimage in one of the four directions, to do special offerings and
prayers for the coming ceremony. i was east, with steve, deva and one
goddess who only came for the sun moon dance... (what was her name

sunmoon dance began two days later. it was easily the hardest ceremony
of my life. dancing (with long breaks) for 4 days without food or
water, always facing the tall, dead tree in the centre of our circular
arbor, and praying, praying, praying with our dance. each of us had
404 tobacco prayer ties strung around the arbor, and i know our
prayers were all recieved.

at one point i could see how we were all just dying very slowly : a
picture of death. my spirit was starting to peel off of my body and
fly free... i could see it so clearly, like ten thousand birds with
the face of a godd

Re: shamanic landscapes

goddess. i was afraid. i was ready to leave the dance
early, and then something clicked...

i was able to have a dialogue between my soul and mind/body, enough to
realize that my soul was being fed by the tree. the tree : the central
axis : source of all life. for everything i was sacrificing, i
realized i was recieving much more. it was not just a concept, but
real. everything i needed was given at that time, and i broke down on
some deep level there.

i felt then the dedication to service in every part of all of my
bodies. in this dance, that was the greatest blessing i recieved,
although i know that i will dance this ceremony again, and i can feel
that there is a much deeper place to visit, when i am ready, and all
things are in place.

after that, we had a couple of days to rest, shared with each other,
and set off for the jungle. after a few flight delays, we took a small
plane on an hour's trip to this extraordinarily beautiful eco-resort
and spiritual centre, wizard mountain. national geographic once said
that the region contained the highest biodiversity known of on this
planet. i am not surprised.

in the jungle i immediately felt deeply sensual : watching some of the
most beautiful sexual fantasies roll through my mind, eyes wide at the
visionary beauty of the thousand thousand different kinds of every
insect and plant and bird you could dream, seeing beautiful things die
horrible deaths, and several new lives born, all in one trip to the
lodge from the dining room. this place where the mother of all
medicines was born.

there we began, after some guided tours through the ecological
architectures of our surroundings, a 7 day medicine diet, with the
vine medicine and 2 other "master plants", whose affects are subtle to
the senses, but very, very powerful.

the first of four ceremonies there was extremely difficult. there was
clearly some dark force there, and a few different reasons why it was
a very hard time for some of the people present. i didn't realize how
difficult it was for me until later, but i was extremely thankful for
the experience. i learned to wear a belt in ceremonies for protection,
so that i could relax in times like these, and not have to be
continually diligent.

one day and night to rest, and we were ready to begin again. after
that ass kicking, we were all quite certain to envoke our protections,
and pray deeply for our healing... and we were well rewarded. our
intentions were manifested in one of the most incredibly deep, utterly
blissed out ultra powered journeys of my life. all night, i was on the
table and under the knife, undergoing major, major healing
transformation on all levels.

especially the spiders, a protector spirit who i had learned to envoke
in the previous ceremony, was there to operate on me, pulling out
endless vats of guck from my energetic bodies. i was completely empty
at the end of that ceremony, and ready to be filled.

again, a short rest and we were back in action with another ceremony.
in this one i recieved many beautiful visions, and mostly was just in
high spirits having all sorts of complex dialogues with the medicine.
the whole time she was filling me with jokes and making me laugh...
infusing me with this hilarious sense of humour, so that i could truly
enjoy life more and more.

near the end of the ceremony i was crazily blessed to see a vision of
a serpent whose head was the size of the room almost... the big
serpent. i was swooning at the beauty and power of this creature, and
how lucky i was to be near it. then, i was honoured to be allowed
inside of its head for a short time. it was all wood and bamboo, with
a palm leaf roof, like a machine with all organic parts... there was
even a guy sweeping the floor.

the final ceremony of this diet was very interesting. we had drank
tobacco the night before, and everyone threw up but me. the tobacco
gave me special dreams and stayed with me. i realized later that it
was staying so that it could work with the vine medicine inside of me.
the whole ceremony, until a certain point, i wanted so badly to throw
up, but i couldn't. terrible nausea, with only a slight effect of the

finally, near the end of the ceremony, miguel had us stand up for an
initiation ceremony. standing up made me throw up, and it was truly
incredible, and my first time throwing up in the course. i felt much
better, though very weak.

the initiation process was very very intense. we ritually smoked and
smoked and smoked, swallowing the smoke into our bellies with our
saliva, for some time. then miguel started giving us mysterious things
to drink. my body ragefully rejected the first drink,
instantly. then some sips of something like sweet alcohol and something else, and more
smoking... at this point the medicine had really kicked in.

Re: shamanic landscapes

that was one of the most intense experiences of my life. then miguel
got us all naked and poured cold water on us outside. i put on my
white sheet, and proceeded back into the temple. i felt then, like a
beautiful goddess of pure light, and at the same time a pool of
crystal clear water, perfect and radiant. i remembered exactly what it
felt like to be a little girl again, and journeyed to past experiences
in my life one at a time, mending all.

with that, the diet was over. we then spent three days integrating
with a local village of natives... the kind who so rarely see the
towns, and who make absolutely everything themselves, from things they
have grown or raised, or found growing or living wild. our visit
directly supported their community, and for that i am glad, because
there was a need for proper medicine and beyond.

tourists are always welcome to stay in their special lodges, and do as
we did then, learning from their way of life and encouraging them to
put ever higher value on their own precious culture. ask me for more

home we arrived, to the high and dry mountains of la paz. after a
little rest, we began a version of the native american long dance
ceremony... 12 hours of dancing without food or water, and with the
sacred cactus medicine of the andes. we had all prepared a beautiful
painting, depicting our intentions for this epic ceremony to come.

the night was a bit rainy, and so under the gentle rain, we danced a
difficult and extremely powerful ceremony. i give deep thanks for the
ways that this medicine has continued to help reprogram the most
ingrained limiting patterns of my life : in this case, i was able to
embrace a much more effective level of work by releasing the need to
be recognized, ever, even for my greatest accomplishments to come.

also that night, i recieved a crystal clear vision of a new ceremony
to bring into the world. this is a sacred dance ceremony, about an
hour long, without any special medicine involved. i'm excited to share
more about that with anyone who'd lend me an ear. it may take years to
manifest this... we shall see.

finally, after some time to rest, we came to our last ceremony of the
course. by bus, we made our way to lake titikaka, and the island of
the sun. i will mention that this was a huge affirmation for me. there
was some debate on where we would go for this final ceremony, a
pilgrimage on sacred lands with the cactus medicine, and only because
of a dream one person had did the scales tip. the medicine, you might
remember, told me to go to this place in the first ceremony.

this was an 8 hour pilgrimage, and it was all flat, sorrounded by
stunning views, with many nice breaks where miguel would play his
instruments for us and sing. it was easily the most beautiful day of
my life. that island is what i am. i felt myself collecting all the
powers and medicines of my highest soul frequency. one special new
totem was a huuuuge light pink and red dragon, of feminine power,
wisdom and light.

i became aware of one particular grand illusion, or spell that i often
fall under (like many people in this world), and learned how to see
the world a different way at any time in order to break the spell.
when we choose to see things differently, they change. something i
have known, but learned experientially that day, causing a domino
effect of countless limiting psychologies being sorted right out.

something so special about that particular medicine, how you can be
walking around as casually as anything, and aware that all at once you
are doing major, ultimately profound healing on every dimension of
your being, comparable to some of the most intense moments of the
strongest vine journeys of a lifetime. still, you might be just
sitting there, enjoying the view and having a smoke.

so much happened in my being in that short time. some of it, i will
never try to touch with words.

i think everyone agreed, it was the most beautiful day of our lives.

the night after that ceremony, i wished upon a star. my wish, i will
not officially tell, but i hope that it can be granted in part,
through the words that i write here.

love is



I am very interested in participating in this course, should there be anybody in Belgium or Netherlands that already has and want to share some of their experiences, that would be great.
bless y'all

Re: shamanic landscapes

hi there!

yes, totally. my teacher's apprentice, tim mussche lives in belgium. he should be back home within a couple weeks to a month or so. you can reach him at :

"Tim Mussche" ,


Re: shamanic landscapes

oh whoops

i had to take the address out of the arrows ... here it is :

Re: shamanic landscapes

thanks for the quick reply, I'll be sure to check out the path that is becoming clearer.
bless you

Re: shamanic landscapes

no problem at all!

i'm crazily honoured to help open the way for work as incredible deep and important as this.





Re: shamanic landscapes

Hi Robin,

I participated in this wonderful course 1,5 ago.
I'm Belgian from origin and I'm living in the Netherlands. So if you want to talk, feel free ...
this is my mail address:
If you want to mail me, I will then give you my phone number.