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Sacha Runa Intensive Shamanic Training : Community Forum
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Long Dance at Sahale June 2007

I had the amazing opportunity to do a Long Dance with Miguel at Sahale, in Washington State. I wanted to post about my experience; it was transformational, inspirational, and amazing.

I am looking forward to doing this again next year and hopefully it will be at Sahale again. Sahale filled me with such peace, that I look forward to being there again as soon as possible.

I was blessed to be joined by several others on this journey and without their presence; it wouldn't have been what it became for me. This was my first ceremony and Long Dance and I was very happy to see other women were included in the group. I have been working on connecting with my divine feminine aspect and I was worried I would be the only woman there and the two women that were there touched me deeply and I hope to work with them again someday. Several other women joined us for the following two ceremonies and that was really great as well, but having them go through the Long Dance with me, really was important to me.

I am slightly handicapped and was very concerned about doing the Long Dance. I broke my back many years ago and have problems with balance and walking at times, so I was very worried about how I was going to fare through the experience. It truly wrung out of me, every last bit of what I had to give, but in the giving, it transformed me and allowed me to become true to myself and it filled me with such peace and love that I think I may still be ringing with it.

In the second ceremony Miguel had, I found myself having a powerful vision that guided me to make a staff and then purged the rest of the night, I am hopeful that what ever evil that was is long gone and washed away so that no one else every feels it our touches it. Interestingly enough I took a short break outside and saw an amazing meteor crash towards the earth, it was a very powerful vision, that turned out to be very real.

The very hardest part was the third ceremony, which I didn’t attend because I was simply empty. I had no more to give and I knew it. I wanted to do it, but knew that if I pushed myself that hard, that I may give up a piece of myself that I couldn’t afford to lose. I am very grateful that Miguel comes back once a year and I know that next year, I will be ready and able to do the ceremonies again and I am hopeful that they will be equally powerful and wonderful.

My intention this year is to be the best person that I can be. I hope that I can fulfill this intent with peace, grace, and harmony.

Miguel, thank you so much for sharing yourself with me and making this the wonderful process it was for me.