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Blessings from the heart of the work. Sacha Runa presents this intimate forum for those who have or are considering participating in the month-long Intensive Shamanic Training. Feel free to leave contact information, speak your truth, and open to the fullest potential of this growing Shamanic community. Namaste.

Sacha Runa Intensive Shamanic Training : Community Forum
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D. Miguel Kavlin

I am deeply grateful for the opportunities to work with a magnificent being and holder-of-the-space....D. Miguel Kavlin. This is my personal experience, and I do NOT take it lightly. The wisdom, the insights, the experience of LOVE, the sacred work for humanity's evolution and the awakening....the flowering of the heart of what guides me to sacred ceremony. I have been given the blessed opportunity to truly see D. Miguel and what he carries. My word for this is magnificence. I feel so connected to him on such a pure level. I knock at the door, and D. Miguel presents me with the key to enter the sacred workshop where mastery is deepened and honed. I could never put into words the beauty of having the opportunity to experience the astonishing perfection of The All. My being has realized itself as a joyful participant in the sacred dance. My heart goes out to those who have expressed their pain and misgivings. However, I must honor my personal experience with D. Miguel. These times are about healing on all levels. I am not be-littling anyone or anything here, but I am deeply commited to the agrandizement of humanity. We all are responsible for choosing our way of walking towards the Love. I thank D. Miguel from the bottom of my heart for his role in sacred ceremony....for helping me to remember who I am and what I carry. I know who he is and what he carries. I honor him with the deepest of gratitude. And I trust the healing power of Love. Thank YOU ALL! donai