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Sacha Runa Intensive Shamanic Training : Community Forum
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Ceremony on Galiano July 2008

This land, Communitas, was recently blessed with a spontaneous visit from Miguel. I had not been in
touch with him for over a year and had heard the
stories of his struggle.

I chose to stay out of the forums then as I truly had
nothing to add. Now I feel it is the time to speak.

I believe that Miguel is the most human shaman. He has shown us that we must not put shamans on a pedestal because it is then us who may cause the fall.

I also believe that he is breaking precious ground for
our culture to come to terms with our own abuse of our
sacred sexuality. I do not separate the sexual realm
from any of the other/all sacred realms. To me, it can be a natural part of the ceremony if those present
are clear with themselves and their own boundaries.

No one is wrong, not Miguel and not the people who have had their own experiences with him.

The shamanic forces teach us to transform suffering. The medicine teaches us to transform the suffering.
This is why we do this and we do this for all beings.

I look forward to working with Miguel again soon. His
songs and his holding of space are joyous and integral. When he asks something of me, whether it is to help with travel arrangements or to hold his hand, and I do not feel called to do so, I say no and he accepts this graciously.

When I first started working with him I would have been more inclined to as he asked simply because he
is a "shaman". But he has shifted and I have shifted
and our relationship is one of mutual respect.

I honour his journey as I honour my own and each
being who steps forth on this path.

Everything is everything.


Re: Ceremony on Galiano July 2008

here is Manuel.

many many blessings came my way this past week-end
when I attended Miguel's ceremony on Galiano Island.

His approach has been comforting, simple, grounded
light, fun and dedicated.

It has been my first experience with San Pedro cactus and also my first experience with a shaman.

I believe Miguel is such a simple being with a great heart and a great sense of listening.
he led us through the night with wonderful songs and music, and warm presence.

such a human with an amazing inner voice.

many many thanks to you Miguel
hope to journey with you again.


Re: Ceremony on Galiano July 2008

I too participated in the ceremony on Galiano Island, BC, this July. I am in deep graditude for my journey with San Pedro and I'm trying my best to fully integrate this experience into my self. I am amazed by the medicine.
Miguel was our guide and shepard of sorts- even though he's the one who got lost!... I am just teasing. But really, I felt that he worked hard to lead and feed the group with music and ritual, while giving all the honor to the medicine itself. And he also honored each one of us by acknowledging and embracing our own experiences. He was very inclusive as well as informative. I agree with Neith about Miguel's humaness, none of us were above or below one another. There was a sense of equality and kinship. I recognize and appreciate the effort it takes to be a hollow bone-thank you Miguel,


Re: Ceremony on Galiano July 2008

i was blessed to be part of the ceremony that Miguel graciously hosted on Galiano.

Miguel's oneness with the medicine was most comforting and inspiring also. To me he was able to make the experince feel so natural and a part of me.

Miguel was one of the points of our star. And in my heart continues to hold that place, as an equal but most important aspect of the mandala of my life and consciousness.

During ceremony i gradually began to remember Miguel. The feelings grew and solidified as the night and morning continued. Miguel's soul is a childhood friend of mine. My soul has know his since i was four in this life time (perhaps even in others). i am so sure of this feeling, his laughing face and antics brought out my four year old again, and i was safe and i trust everything is right in the world.

Miguel spirit is one of great joy, kindness and compassion for all beings.

i am thankful for his presense in my life and all the experinces he opened my eyes to.

Love and Joy
and may the force be with you

Re: Ceremony on Galiano July 2008

My little adventure, facilitated by Miguel and the medicine, has brought only good and pure gifts to me. Each moment of the journey planted seeds and the fruit is already coming back to me every day. I feel more part of the great whole, more integrated, more clear and more open everyday.
The ceremony has inspired me to pay more attention to the sacred in everything and to be aware of the amazing power of setting intention.
This opportunity was yet another large gift in my life.