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Blessings from the heart of the work. Sacha Runa presents this intimate forum for those who have or are considering participating in the month-long Intensive Shamanic Training. Feel free to leave contact information, speak your truth, and open to the fullest potential of this growing Shamanic community. Namaste.

Sacha Runa Intensive Shamanic Training : Community Forum
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Re: Miguel Kavlin

I have been in 5 ceremonies with Miguel. Two in 2006 in British Columbia, the Long Dance and an Aya sitting; and 3 in June of 2008, in Seattle, my 2nd Long Dance Ceremony and 2 Aya sittings.

The settings of both locations were magical and the preparation for the events was incredibly detailed and very thoughtful. Many thanks, to all of those who helped in the preparation to make these two ceremonies 2 of the most important events of my life.

Being a musician I thoroughly enjoy the music of the ceremonies, of which Miguel takes the lead in helping us gently through our journeys with amazing musical vibrations produced from rare exotic instruments from his homeland. Along with Miguel’s music other wonderful musicians and singers have joined in the celebration. This year we were also treated to acoustic guitar, Tibetan bell ringing and to Digery-Do along with some other marvellous instruments of Australia and New Zealand. Having this incredible music set the atmosphere to that of a world view and helped the medicines to work magic upon me and all those who participated.

I have known Miguel now for 3 years and would definitely continue my journey with these medicines under his gentle guidance. I look forward to the next ceremonies he holds.

Many Blessings Miguel and thanks for opening up parts of me I did not know were there.