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Blessings from the heart of the work. Sacha Runa presents this intimate forum for those who have or are considering participating in the month-long Intensive Shamanic Training. Feel free to leave contact information, speak your truth, and open to the fullest potential of this growing Shamanic community. Namaste.

Sacha Runa Intensive Shamanic Training : Community Forum
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course testimonial

Actually , I was never planning on joining a course on shamanism , and to the very end I was never sure if I was a part of it or not . it all just kind followed its own dynamics and , yes , took over my life for a month , not that I minded . at several points I simply had to say goodbye to what I thought was free will and jump in …

What happened ?? as it goes , it’s not the first time I stay for a while in bolivia , happily doing my thing , working a lot with paper . this time , I thought , surely I’ll work with plantmedicines more , but , as well , after this stint I’ll have to concentrante on spending a whole lot of time in india for a few years , since some interesting doors have started to open there …never mind .

The plantmedicine right away started to come and change things around . after barely a week of having moved into my house and getting into a bit of a routine , my best friend came to visit … and brought his teacher , an old old shipibo shaman from the pucallpa region . twice we had ceremony with some more people until the two of them , very quickly , disappeared again …but not without getting rid of this terrible thing I had picked up a year and a half earlier , this energetic parasite which I had been carrying around for long enough … which left a big whole in my chest but me , overall , certainly in a much much better condition than before their little visit .

So , alcamari … I had a telephone number from the last time I was in bolivia which didn’t connect me to miguel but to casa luna , and I found out that a ceremony was projected to happen the following Saturday … the night of the dark moon . I was a little sad , since surely I would not go …

I study some vedic astrology , and dark moon is not really a night we consider auspicious for general purposes . so guess what happened : I didn’t just end up going , I also ended up cutting off my dreadlocks ( first haircut in 20 years ) , and the universe didn’t even let me go to the river to dispose of them … they ended up being burned in alcamari , before the ceremony . very very unorthodox from a hindu standpoint … but entirely not in my hands at this stage . the ceremony was beautiful and mellow and actually grounded me and brought me down somewhat , that medicine from my friend had been extremely strong and I had been a little spacy in the days before …plus running around with that hole in my chest ….

The next month was spent dealing with things , not always easy . i knew I needed to drink more , but there was no opportunity really . on the solstice there was a ceremony , but it was with cactus and I didn’t feel like doing that . but then in january , for the next ceremony which was with cactus agin , I knew I needed to go … eventhough there was a bit of an unorthodox vibe , astrologically , once more .

As it happens , I’ve been going for a while through a saturn transit , saturn transiting my natal moon which means a pretty rough time …and the night of the ceremony , the moon was actually in my natal position , in the nakshatra of purva phalguni , conjunct saturn … anyhow I went , and it was amazing but rough as well . particularly the whole sanskritic-shamanic mixup was something I had to deal with , there were incredible amounts of thougts in my head , a lot of india stuff with all its amazing depth and potential but also all the dogmas and judgements and all the cultural ballast which one , unfortunately , has to deal with into the bargain . and a lot of pain in my abdomen from something gone wrong in my intestine , guess what , I had drunk a whole lot of chai the night before … which I NEVER do … so there was india going wrong in my belly as well . but very strong visions at the same time … the eagle and the condor joinig up with the peacock… and the certainty that I needed to join whatever was going on here , primarily the dieata in rurre but , to me it felt , it all came as some sort of parcel and it looked like I had to join the dance of the sun and the moon first , which I really did NOT want to do ….

it happened to be the perfect astrological remedy for saturn . saturn made me go . saturn likes hard fasts and austerities , and he tied in beautifully when , on Friday night , I was being suspected of having drunk water all of a sudden … saturn rules wrong accusations . the dance was amazing and took me through the whole spectrum of utter hell , feeling very very sorry for myself , to an incredible lightness . a lot of energy liberated in that dance .

So , this I time I waited a day . everyone else flew on the dark moon , I trusted that it would work out to fly the next day and it did . this was my first dieta and the first time I’ve worked with the vine in that frequency , and it sorted things out beautifully . the most important effect was that it healed up my energy hole . successively , the dark hole became less dark and started to grow over wi