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ayahuasca ceremony

HI all

I really would like to attend a ayahuasca ceremony in the Amazon led by Don Agustine. Does anyone know if he still conducts them, and if so, how I could book a ceremony. I'm desperate. I know he's camp is call yushin taita, by I cannot find any information about it.

any news would be greatfully appreciated.

Re: ayahuasca ceremony

No answers?

great forum with only questions & no answers )

Re: ayahuasca ceremony

Dear Friends, such hurry. Sorry but we do not live plugged to the internet, nor do we have office helpers.
Don Agustin is strong as a Bull, still working beautifully and singing sublimely.
Can arrange to visit him throough his daughter Tete by emailing her at:"tete rivas gonzales"
We are working in Bolivia only, Amazon and Andes regions, with ayahusca and San Pedro, and will be happy if you visit us here also. Ther bvest kept secret of South America, Bolivia is quiet, safe, cheap and amazingly authentic.
Our ceremonies are conducted with love, devotion and surrender by many members of the community.
Love and blessings:

Re: ayahuasca ceremony

My partner and I will be travelling to Rurrenabaque next week and I was wondering if we could arrange an ayahuasca ceremony with yourselves? Any advise or information would be appreciated. Many thanks

Re: ayahuasca ceremony

yes, absolutely, please call phillip in Rurrenabaque at 69370050

Re: ayahuasca ceremony

also in La Paz, whenever you or friends wish, call 72002055

Re: ayahuasca ceremony

Dear Friends: This forum had been misplaced when we changed servers on our website, and had been out of use and is now being reinstated so our friends cam read old posts and comment as well.
Also, you may see more recent comments on Trip Advisor at:

Now we also have three additional Shamans (2 men and one woman) doing amazing work with us at both camps and continue to run Shamanic Intensive Courses four times a year from 2-22 of March, June, Sept and Dec

We look forward to welcoming you at both our Safe Andean and Amazonian Magical and Transformative Spaces.
You May contact us at Or call 591-72002055.

Queridos Amigos, este foro se nos perdió durante un traslado de servidor y ahora recién lo estamos volviendo a enlazar en la pagina para que puiedfan leer antiguos comentarios y también comentar nuevamente .
Para leer comentarios mas recientes pueden ller en Tripadvisor:

Ahora contamos con la presencia de tres increíbles chamanes (dos hombrees y una mujer) que trabajan en ambos campamentos. Continuamos ofreciendo nuestros Entrenamientos Chamanicos Intensivos del 2-22 de Marzo, Junio, Septiembre y Diciembre

Amor y bendiciones a todos
Esperamos darles nuevamente la bienvenida en nuestros espacios seguros, mágicos y transformadores muy pronto.
Nos pueden contactar a: o llamar al 591-72002055.

Miguel Kavlin