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Sacha Runa Intensive Shamanic Training : Community Forum
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Vaccinations required??

Hello Everyone,

I found this website through the Durango whole Expo. I've spent time reading through the website. On it, it talks about some Vaccines you need to take. Are these absolutely necessary? I don't believe in Vaccines as they contain mercury and other toxins in them which can damage your immune system.

I guess my question is:
In order to take this Intensive course, do I have to get vaccinated?


Re: Vaccinations required??

I would like to know the answer to this as well. Can someone please answer this question.thanks. joshua

Re: Vaccinations required??

I don't think Miguel is going to actually tell you to NOT get a vaccination, it wouldn't be wise of him to do that, if you end up with Yellow Fever...who are you going to sue?

You are an adult, do what you need to do. My recommendation, having gone to Bolivia, is to follow what WHO recommend for Bolivia on their website. What you do with that information is your business.

Re: Vaccinations required??

Bolivia required a yellow fever vaccine for any foreigner over the age of 2. However, recently this changed. It is now only required of those who will be going into zones and regions where it is known yellow fever exists. More here: or if you speak Spanish you can visit the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs - click on CONSULAR and then on VISA PARA BOLIVIA and download the document titles Vacuna de Fiebre Amarilla. It contains a list of zones. If you are headed to one of them, you have to have the shot. If you get a doctor to write a letter certifying he/she recommends you do not have the shot, you need to bring that letter with you and show it to immigration upon entry.