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Sacha Runa Intensive Shamanic Training : Community Forum
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La Larga Danza - my experience

A wonderful night - a long dance around the fire - a look onto the bottom of my soul and the soul of the world

At 21th of June, the Aymara New Year or Soltice, the longest night of the year, after which the sun slowly is about to take over with her light, I did the 'Larga Danza' to celebrate this wonderful turn of dark and light, of winter and summer, of cold and warmth, of saying goodbye to an old and welcoming a new year.

The night was awfully cold, the sky was bright, full with stars, a bright moon which enlighted the Illimani-mountain and the snow on top. The view of the mountain in the moonlight and the valley below was stunning, one of the most beautifull things i have ever seen. It made me reflective and so thankful to be there and to be able to see and feel this beauty of Mother Earth. With my eyes still on this beautiful landscape before me, I wrote my last words on my 'Bandera', my flag made out of paper in my case, with words and symbols, on one side the things of my 'old year' on the other side my wishes for my 'new year', for me and the people around me, family, friends, the earth etc. I hang my flag on the line that was around the circle with the fire in the middle, next to all the other flags of the other people. It looked very impressive, all these flags, with all the good and bad things painted and written on them, moved by the wind.

Everybody sat down in the circle around the burning fire, wrapped in sleepingbags and blankets against the cold. The shaman explained about what was going to happen this night. He was sitting in the middle of his musical instruments and the glow of the fire lit all the faces of the people sitting around it, listening, thinking, reflecting... One by one we told our names and our intentions for this night, we were with around 30 people. After that the cups with San Pedro, or also called the Medicin, were comparted and everybody got his cup and drank it. Due to a previous bad experience, I felt really scared, and the taste of the Medicine did not make it better. The fear was really strong but the other people around the fire and the shaman talked to me and assured me that i was in good hands and nothing bad would happen. I decided to drink it, because for me, doing this ceremony about healing myself from this fear, and starting over again, getting my trust back in this world, in the healing plants, in the power of Mother Earth, who is there to help me and not to harm me. And above all: I wanted to celebrate the beauty of life, of my life, the beauty of this earth, how wonderful it is for me to be on this earth and to find my destination to make this world a better place, to take care of myself and all my surroundings.

I was the last to finish my cup of San Pedro. Then we all started walking around the fire while there was music played by the shaman. In the beginning i did not feel so much, i was a little unstable on my legs but i still dont know if that was the fear or the Medicin. We were all walking in the same direction, a descending circle (to the right) which symbolized the old year, the dark side, the things we wanted to leave behind and our fears. Some people started to throw up (which is a normal part of taking the Medicin) outside of the circle. In this way you throw literaly all your fears and everything you dont need anymore away. After some time i was feeling sick too and went outside the circle but i couldnt let it out. I went several times in and out the circle around the fire.

And at last, 2 hours after drinking my cup i sat down on my knees, watching the moonlit valley and the impressive Illimani. I never felt so bad to my stomach but at the same time i knew that it was gonna get so much better. I threw up, but not fysically, only air filled with my fears, dark things i wanted to get rid of. After that, i felt exhausted, but so thankful. I felt that i was gonna be free of so many things and i felt stronger with the minute. Sitting there on my knees in the freezing cold, with behind me the fire with all the people dancing, keeping the energy flowing by walking and dancing, with before me the Illimani, above me the bright moon and the stars, under my feet the ice-cold earth, I felt that I was not only me, but i was all these things around me as well. I could feel how it was to be the Illimani, the moon, the people, the earth, the ice-cold air, the plants. It made me so big and at the same time so small. I felt that i had to go back to the fire, to be with the other people. I stood up and walked towards the fire.

Before i even got to the fire, i looked up to the stars and suddenly all the stars were pulsating lights, fluorecent light, green, pink, yellow and they were all moving from and towards eachother. Everything was so beautiful and the moon seemed to become part of my body, a strong line of light was formed between her and my heart. (more: see part 2)