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Blessings from the heart of the work. Sacha Runa presents this intimate forum for those who have or are considering participating in the month-long Intensive Shamanic Training. Feel free to leave contact information, speak your truth, and open to the fullest potential of this growing Shamanic community. Namaste.

Sacha Runa Intensive Shamanic Training : Community Forum
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a course testimony ? part 1

Consciousness made the world ... some people put this in such a way that they say god made the world , which has led to a number of misunderstandings . But really , they mean the same thing . All things come from consciousness , all things are consciousness , unbounded limitless reality crystallized into form , into varying degrees of limitation .

So why does consciousness do that ?? Why does the unlimited limit itself , why does the unconditioned condition itself ?? I work a lot with traditions which get classified as ‘’hindu’’ , and the explanation I find is that , really , consciousness is playing a game with itself , a cosmic play , a lila they call it in sanskrit . A drama . God , they say , that supreme reality , is in fact not even directly connected with this since it is untouched by anything describable or experiencable and is therefore incapable of extension or manifestation … but it has , paradoxically enough , an extension .

It depends on tradition how this extension is described … the lineage I am a part of calls it the goddess . She extends , she manifests . She creates the world , She sustains it , She transforms it , She experiences it . She conditions consciousness , She creates separate divisions in consciousness , separate beings ,and finally She creates separate beings which condition themselves . All in order , well , to reflect consciousness , to experience consciousness through an unlimited number of beings . The universe then is a fractal manifestation of consciousness , like a jewel which reflects itself through an unlimited number of facets . At least this is how I have come to understand it .

So what might all this possibly have to do with a shamanic course ??

We are all just facets of the one reality , that one pure light of consciousness . At the same time , we are conditioned , and not just that , we are self-conditioned . We act self-identified . I am , I do . Any act I commit changes the balance of the universe , any act I commit creates an energetic formation I am connected with , and these formations can further condition me into the separate state I’m in . They can tie me into this conditioning , they might not let me go and just be one with that pure consciousness … people call this karma , which really just means action or activity , self-identified action . Karmic patterns are not just personal , there are generally several levels of collective karmic loops which pertain in some way or another to each one of us … and , generally , bind us into our states of separate existence , not just separate from each other but separate from god as well .

There are many ways to change this , to loosen up these karmic structures , to dissolve them , to liberate them . In fact , I believe that there are as many ways as there are separate beings . All modern religions , the ones which stress personal salvation instead of ancestral duties , are founded upon these dynamics . There are slow and gradual paths , and fast and immediate ones . Sutra and Tantra . Multitudes of techniques for multitudes of beings , each one with their own requirements . In fact , there is a whole science which can see the condition and determine the means through analyzing the analogy of the astrological birth chart , sanskritic astrology is very consciously aligned with these dynamics .

Still , where’s the shamanic course ??

All these techniques change our karmic balance , they change our state of consciousness which really is the same thing . Some slow , some fast . Some very fast . There are plants which change the state of consciousness almost immediately , as quickly as it takes for their molecules to become active in the nervous system . Work with these plants is not necessarily accepted as viable spiritual work by all , but goodness , even the very traditions who reject such practice seem to be founded on them in some way… it doesn’t matter . what matters is effectiveness …

I used to play with plants , experiment without guidance . I have been fascinated with expanded states of awareness since my youth , although I did not for a long time understand what was actually going on . The sheer beauty of the energetic realm , rainbowcoloured sparkles in four dimensions , the indescribable awesomeness of creation … patterns of consciousness become living tissue , tissue giving rise to mental pattern become visible , the whole lot , what I really didn’t understand was that entering into these states would create , so to speak , karmic pressure , things would get activated , some of which were neither pleasant nor seemed very constructive … and I happened to not have access to neither plants nor people which would help you out here in a way which would make a difference … all traditions say : fast paths need guidance .

A molecule is an expression of a spiritual principle . A plant is an expression of a creative intelligence . All plants of a species are the collective phys