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Blessings from the heart of the work. Sacha Runa presents this intimate forum for those who have or are considering participating in the month-long Intensive Shamanic Training. Feel free to leave contact information, speak your truth, and open to the fullest potential of this growing Shamanic community. Namaste.

Sacha Runa Intensive Shamanic Training : Community Forum
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a course testimony ? part 2

All plants of a species are the collective physical body of , well , a plant spirit . These things , I came to find out , have distinctive personalities , distinctive ways to identify themselves and distinctive reasons why they manifested their physical forms . From experience I must say that I don’t necessarily want to hang out with some of them . A whole lot , as well , are manifestations of very basic forms of consciousness , simple . Then there are some which , goodness , seem to be very elevated and evolved and beneficial forms of consciousness which for reasons of their own have incarnated as plants rather than other things … beings with a strong sense of mission . Lightbeings who are here in order to lift into the light , stars which descended from heaven which turned into flowers .

So finally we made it to the shamanic course maybe .

Imagine you are a hardly-at-all conditioned form of consciousness which manifests a plant which contains a psychoactive molecule which deconditions ( physically ) conditioned forms of consciousness if they metabolize that molecule . Sorry , that was a little complicated . Imagine you’re a cosmic trickster who loves to make things love … who loves to make energy flow , to remove obstacles and accumulated gunk on whichever level . Some plants , nay , some plant spirits do just that … they clean . They love to make things love , as god intended for them to do .

So really , as far as I am concerned , that’s what this shamanic course is about . There seems to be an alliance of not one but two or three of these cosmic lightbeings become green things plus a human being deconditioned enough to facilitate their work and , boom , off we go . Scraping things off the bottoms , reaching out towards the heights , manifesting the exact process necessary for each one to remove dross and weight and shadow , clean that soul , make shine that jewel within .

This can take on surprising forms and formats . It can be very little fun at times , in fact , it can be quite a load of suffering . This process will do what it takes once it starts , and really , it has started already ,for everyone . I used to think , well , isn’t a ‘formalized’ course an over-formalization for something which is happening for everyone always anyhow … and came to understand that , no , it is not .

Because it is not just karmic formations being activated from natural karmic entropy , which can take a long time . Because it is not just waiting around . Because it is , well , what to say … the highest form of tantric practice I personally even would have ever read about . Because it is pushing forward , not in an aggressive way at all , like a lone warrior , more like the beating heart of a living organism which finally has become conscious of its own purpose . Because , really , it is pure magic , what to say .

So , then , it is a course to become a human being … a human being able to embrace itself and all , its being a facet reflecting the light in its own way from its own angle , but really just reflecting the light . A human being able to laugh and love . A human being able to allow for things which need to happen to happen , within and without which are the same in the end , through its own hands or those of others which are the same in the end . A human being able to dedicate itself and serve the world just like its friends and allies . Not because it wants to out of some personal motive but because it has to since it is part of all . All beings strive towards liberation , whether they know it or not .

I used to be part of a group , in one way or another , where a lot of people spoke about love and light and spreading the light and all that . I don’t want to say that it was all just empty talk , but a lot of it in fact was . There is a lot less talk about these things now , and seemingly a bit more of the actual work . The course which is about to finish was amazing , profound and truly magical . I am happy to have been touched by it and by all who were there , as I am for them . The work continues in other formats , for which I am just as grateful . Friends and strangers come from faraway places to share their heart , their tears and laughter , and at the same time the family here in Bolivia is growing .

Some flowers are starting to bloom . Some have been for a time .

Love and respect to the gardener .