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Sacha Runa Intensive Shamanic Training : Community Forum
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Agust Course Outline/Itinerary Shamanic Inetnsive Training Bolivia

Itinerary/Curriculum. Shamanic Intensive Training Course August 2011

On the first of August we will begin the course, meeting in Casa Luna and going to Allkamari Retreat Center.

Enjoying the landscape, settling in and starting making tobacco prayer bundles for the coming Vision Quest

August 3. First ceremony with San Pedro or Ayahuasca in the Kiva/Peacechamber, followed by rest, process and sharing.

August 5-8. Vision Quest prayer/fast at a sacred shrine overlooking Sacred Mts Illimani and Mururata.

August 9-12. Rest. Make banners for Long-Dance with San Pedro: Sacred Cactus of the Andes

August 13. The Long-Dance begins. From Sun down to Sun-up, we will dance around a six pointed star with a fire in the center. Offerings to the beings of the six worlds are placed at the tips of the star. We will dance half the night clockwise, half counter counter-clockwise, working with the spirals, descending and ascending in order to release that which no longer serves our evolutionary growth, and then to call in our blessings and materialize our prayers for the future, and for the highest good of all beings. We will end with a Inipi (Sweat-Lodge) Ceremony at Sun-Up, and then rest and process our experience.

August 15-27. Plant Medicine Retreat in the Jungle. On the 15th of August, We travel to the Wizard Mountain retreat Center in the Bolivian Amazon, close to the village of Rurrenabaque.

At the Wizard Mountain retreat center we will participate in a sacred Amazonian tradition where we will take various plants to purify, strengthen, and imbue our spirit with their healing potential. We will participate in a rigorous 8-day traditional dieta, eating only rice, green plantain and certain kinds of fish. We will also participate in various all night ceremonies with the sacred Amazonian Sacrament for healing, Vision and Empowerment.

During the day we will take jungle walks through beautiful territory, swim at the stream that runs through the camp, take healing Herbal and Mud baths, and much more.

>From here, we travel to La Paz, arriving back at the Allkamari Retreat Center.

August 29-31 Sacred Pilgrimage with San Pedro: Sacred Cactus of the Andes. Finally, we embark on a Pilgrimage to a sacred place in Bolivia. After a day-long-journey, we will make an all Day pilgrimage to the Sacred Mountain, where people from all over South America have pilgrimaged to place their offerings since time immemorial. There we will burn Offerings for the successful completion of our course and the speedy realization of our stated purposes.

The course ends back in La Paz, at the Allkamari. We have a little time to shop in La Paz, and we say goodbye with a beautiful farewell feast.

(This course outline is subject to change: dates and transport may change without further notice)

Re: Agust Course Outline/Itinerary Shamanic Inetnsive Training Bolivia

Siguiendo lo que me dijo el Gran Hombre llegue ustedes. Estoy muy interesado en asistir al entrenamiento.
¿Podrían pasarme más información (costos y demás cosas), por favor?
Vivo en México.

Re: Agust Course Outline/Itinerary Shamanic Inetnsive Training Bolivia

Querido Tocayo Miguel; Toda la info pertinente esta en el post al que respiondiste. Pronto la pondxre en Español también. Aparte, los costos y proceso de aplicacion estan estip[ulados en la pagina bajo el titulo de curso chamanico, costos y aplicacion.
Mi correo es, para cualquier pregunta adicional.
Muchas bendiciones:
Miguel Kavlin