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Blessings from the heart of the work. Sacha Runa presents this intimate forum for those who have or are considering participating in the month-long Intensive Shamanic Training. Feel free to leave contact information, speak your truth, and open to the fullest potential of this growing Shamanic community. Namaste.

Sacha Runa Intensive Shamanic Training : Community Forum
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gracas Miguel Kavlin for opening the realms of the 7 directions

WOW still digesting such an awesome awesome healing opening, for the last 8 years or so I have worked with and assisted many shaman from so many traditions all beautiful all valuable, and yet your work and way Miguel Kavlin is highly outstanding .... I have truly loved to work with aya the yin deep energy of the mother, now I am calling in and praying to continue the work with San Pedrito the exquisite subtitly and power of the opening is sublime, I love how each instrument you play peels open another layer. I am still carrying with me the exquisite beauty and the glow and benefit of this work and I think its about 7 years since I first worked with you and I am understanding years later how some how when I work with you in particular I push beyond my fears and go to the expansion of consciousness and divine rememberance I was seeking clearing the conditioning limitations in the process ..... I am eternally grateful and truly acknowledge your own growth and development inwardly as you soften and become more like the diamond ~ blessings apon your life, I pray to come to Sacha Runa with my son in this next year as I would like to sincerely train with you for a period xx om Babaji