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Blessings from the heart of the work. Sacha Runa presents this intimate forum for those who have or are considering participating in the month-long Intensive Shamanic Training. Feel free to leave contact information, speak your truth, and open to the fullest potential of this growing Shamanic community. Namaste.

Sacha Runa Intensive Shamanic Training : Community Forum
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The compassion of Mother Earth

The ceremony took place in February, in the city of La Paz with my very dear new friend Miguel Kavlin.

I was the first to throw up!

I had a tremendous desire to free myself of all my, nostalgia, hurt, hate, and in short everything that comes to negative in thought and spirit. well I had the faith that ayahuasca would free me of these things, and the result was that it did Ayahuasca freed me of these that I now call as contaminations.

It was like talking to someone full of lucidity things were more clear than clarity. There was no place or how to get lost, I felt I was, neither more nor less than an energy that manifests itself physically and three-dimensionally.

I asked myself at this mistic moment of lucidity , whether life exists on other planets in the universe, suddenly another voiced replied, it was the Ayahuasca speaking to me, who answered yes, there is, but for reasons of human nature, our human intelligence never can understand how other living things are manifested in the universe, but yes there are other life forms that exist.

I Took this opportunity of lucidity and asked onother natural doubt, I ask if there are angels, and if they exist, do they take care of me, again the third voice was that of ayahuasca very fast, but the clarity was stronger than the speed, Ayahuasca said yes, but also good people that help me progress in my life, are also part of the realm of angels and can be seen with my human eyes.

Apart from my mystical experiences which were enriching to my life, the ceremony takes place in another dimension to the music of Michael, it is Angelic and cure you of many things that maybe you do not know what they are, but reminds me of the legends of religion., which said that the angels descended from heaven to play their musical instruments, and who managed to heal the spiritual wounds of nostalgia in humans with only the sound of their angelic music, such was the intensity of that manifesto I experience that I felt safe, free from all evil in thought, in the heart and spirit.

I made one of the most important discoveries of my life, that is a sacred blessing to be in that moment, that is not permanent, but is a lesson of the sacred reality that the maximum pleasurable sensation of a human being is to be in total peace, or to come close to the nirvana ...

Who knows where this life will take me, but I carry a lot more clarity of the love, spiritual peace, and beauty of existence, at all costs and how they manifest is beautiful, and as my friend Michael says. "Everything is perfect, even imperfection is as it should be"

Thanks Michael, Thanks Sacha Runa, thanks to the other teachers and special thanks to the Pachamama Mother Earth that gives us everything without asking anything in return. As a mother loves her children, the Pachamama will always have love and compassion for us, her children ...

Luis Ribera Tardio of Sydney Australia