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Blessings from the heart of the work. Sacha Runa presents this intimate forum for those who have or are considering participating in the month-long Intensive Shamanic Training. Feel free to leave contact information, speak your truth, and open to the fullest potential of this growing Shamanic community. Namaste.

Sacha Runa Intensive Shamanic Training : Community Forum
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Experiencing the Ceremony with Don Miguel on Lago Titikaka

When I came to Don Miguel’s Ayahuasca ceremony on Lake Titikaka I have not been new to Ayahuasca. I was somehow a little disenchanted with the medicine as my previous journeys were not easy to decipher and I almost felt I was played with, with no way to disentangle it all. I had decided to leave Ayahuasca for a while and concentrate on my life instead. When I was part of the Earth-Keeper group to unite the Eagle and the Condor in the Americas for world peace I decided to give Ayahuasca a chance again as it bothered me that my connection had become so distrustful. Don Miguel arranged our seats as in a theatre and when it was time to choose my cup I went for the smallest I saw, as I know I react strongly to the medicine and the amount is not necessarily an equivalent to what I experience. Within only ten minutes Ayahuasca met me with her love and splendour and I vowed to offer my life to the service of mother earth. Realising that my physical body is an amazing present from mother earth I felt very grateful. The beautiful golden light brown Puma was prowling along the room, protecting us all, shielding us from untoward influences. And I saw the rainbow bridge opening in front of us into eternity there on Lago Titikaka. The dimensions were open, I could see the fields of light everywhere beyond our physical earthy experience. People on the rainbow bridge were drunk with ecstasy and joy, yet I knew I had vowed to live this life here on earth and it was not my time to go yet. I saw the opening into other dimensions and knew I am here to stay to fulfil what I promised to do here on planet earth, for now. My time to leave had not yet come, yet it was wonderful to see the exit there. One exit, as I have no doubt there are many. I experienced it was my own choice to be here on earth and serve and that that was good like that. At one point everything became very intense in the room and I decided to leave. On the stairs, where I was wobbling about to find my way out I found Tess, who hugged me and held me and I felt safe. Don Miguel stopped me and reminded me that I have entered a divine process here and cannot leave now until the end. He also reminded me that Tess decided not to partake in the medicine and therefore I shouldn’t hug her. We disentangled our embrace and I stayed and continued my journey. I learnt that I can be ok and that there are boundaries within this process. Despite having felt very grateful for Tess being there, I listened to Don Miguel and knew I had to continue my journey in my own space, and that was ok. I experienced myself as very young, just a child in consciousness and service to the mother. Looking at the others as advanced warriors in complete service to the mother by volunteering to clear their own stuff as well as stuff for the planet and the betterment of life on earth during the ceremony. I was in awe and felt I understood this process now. Yet I felt so young, such a young helper. I also felt it was ok to be young and to take all the time I need to grow up in my own time. It was all ok, there was no pressure, I could be me and grow according to what felt organic to me – I didn’t have to be in fear, it was ok to be young and less experienced. Everything was ok. I felt protected by the elders, the older souls that knew what to do, I felt grateful to see everything and be part of this divine service and I allowed myself to be where I am. Don Miguel’s music during the process was so enchanting. And seeing him walking up and down the chairs playing his beautiful instruments helped immensely to be reminded of the anchor of my physical body in this experience as I drifted in and out of my bodily consciousness. He brought me back to the here and now in the most kind, loving, playful, gentle and understanding way. He seemed so knowing and calm and was a real rock as I traversed the mental planes of my own psyche, in free flow and totally open. I felt he was doing this for all of us simultaneously. He is a master at supporting and understanding what we go through in such an experience. The Peruvian helpers were also very amazing, they impressed me with their humbleness and quiet knowing and understanding. When I came back to the room totally discombobulated and wobbling about just able to make it to my chair one of the Peruvian helpers brought me my purse that I had forgotten when I had attempted to leave the ceremony room. I felt very touched that he noticed and I felt incredibly safe and held there.

On the whole my trust and love for Ayahuasca has been restored. I felt the love again and the well meaning and generosity of spirit, the immense intelligence, playfulness and love. I am grateful again I have come to this most powerful plant medicine in this life time and my distrust has healed. On the whole my experience on Lake Titikaka was exactly what I needed. I saw the grandness of everything and I also saw that my place in it is just right and I am ok where I am. It is all