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Blessings from the heart of the work. Sacha Runa presents this intimate forum for those who have or are considering participating in the month-long Intensive Shamanic Training. Feel free to leave contact information, speak your truth, and open to the fullest potential of this growing Shamanic community. Namaste.

Sacha Runa Intensive Shamanic Training : Community Forum
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Reputable Ayahuasca Retreats Peru


I really want to go Sacha Runa retreat especially to see Don Agustin however the dates dont work for me just yet. I am looking for something in Peru for end of January with a reputable ayahuasca shaman. I speak English only so one that can translate my visions etc would be very helpful. Can someone please give me some excellent recommendations please?

Thank you,


Earth-Keeper's Group Magnificent Aya Ceremony on lake Titicaca on the Full Moon of August 8, 2017

Dear Ryan: I am sorry but Don Agustin is very old now and I am not sure if he is still performing the ceremonies. You could try his son Viejo Rivas and his partner Doña Marlene Soto.
We offer the retreats and trainings in Bolivia only.
If you choose yo come here we would be happy to take care of you,

"sacha runa" events, meetings, 2018? contact to groop.

hallo senior Miquel, seniora Carmen,
I am professional dancer, curently travelling - in LA PAZ. I just found your web site, is so very interesting to me, because of dance, my jurneuys in india, yoga, tibet, and connection to shamanic tradition. Are there some events in the near future in 2018? how could I meet you, comunity? I am very interested in dance- ceremonies, to connect spirit of the dance, as learn about shamanic approach.
please reply. edita - dancer.

Re: "sacha runa" events, meetings, 2018? contact to groop.

Warriors of the New Time. Shamanic Healing and Training RETREAT (20 days) BOLIVIAN ANDES & AMAZON 2018, from the 2-22 of March, June, September and December. Also 7,15, 20, 30 days and Long-Time Retreats and Apprenticeships. More than 30 years experience serving with Honor and Integrity the Wisdom of The Andes, Amazon, Native North America, Tibet, India and More. Practicing Authentically in Love, Devotion and Surrender. Safe, and Transformative. Sacred, Magical and Unpolluted Places out of the Touristic Routes. Whatsapp +918264244598

Come Experience the Magic of two incredible locations in the Andes and Amazon, two incredible Sacred Medicines which complement each other wonderfully (Ayahuasca & San Pedro) and our Male and Female Shamans working together in Peace, Harmony, Integrity and Sacredness to help you Reach your Potential and Manifest your Destiny; Become Aligned to your Divine Purpose, Incarnate the New Time and Serve the Well-Being of All that Is.

This retreat takes place in most sacred and beautiful sites in both the Bolivian Andes and Jungle, as well as a Pilgrimage on the Island of the Sun in lake Titicaca.

We would like to invite you to the INTENSIVE SHAMANIC RETREAT MARCH 2018 that is going to take place in our lodges ALLKAMARI (La Paz city) and WIZARD MOUNTAIN (Rurrenabaque – Beni). This is a great chance to people who would like to work the spiritual path, for those who are looking for a deep change in their lifes, find theirselves with the medicine of our ancestors. This is also for all who are going through crisis, sorrows or adiction problems, sickness, etc. This retreat is also for those who are already walking the spiritual path and wish to go deep in the Andean-Amazonic wisdom.

The shamanic retreat will be guided by our professional and dedicated group of healers, including Amawt’a (healer) Tupak Wayra Runa , the master Phillip Josey and the elders´ team of Sacha Runa. Dates are 2-22 of march.

You can see people's comments about our work here:

The locations can be seen here:

We will work doing private and group healings according the nees of the group. We will have the honour of working with the master plants Ayawaska (IN THE WIZARD MOUNTAIN) besides, on the jungle we will do a spacial diet, the same that the YACHAYS (jungle healers) do, there we will eat food from the jungle sugar and salt free and we will drink healing teas every morning, to detox our bodies and have a deep cleaning. We will participate in TOBACCO CIRCLES, to clean the vital energy of our AJAYU “soul” and we will participate in TEMAZKAL (sweat lodge) ceremonies to have a deep conection with the Pachamama’s (mother earth) energy. We will work with the medicine ACHUMA in a ceremony in THE SUN ISLAND we will have an pilgrimage to one of the most sacred places of the andean world, to recieve blessings and heal from our (wise grandfathers) and APACHITAS (wise grandmothers), finally we will have a LARGE DANCE with ACHUMA, near the ILLIMANI MALLKU ACHACHILA (the oldest grandfather from all mountains).

This will be a time full of love, peace, healing, chants, ceremonies, trips, and a lot of self-reflection, though the QICHWAS and AYMARAs´ wisdom, in the jungle and the altiplano.


The people who want to participate in this magic SHAMANIC RETREAT, should email us to You should include your personal information and prepare a short biography telling us in a deep way what topics do you want to work during the retreat so we can evaluate the info and provided you with an answer. The biography should be prepared in a WORD document with a minimum of 4 pages.


The SHAMANIC RETREAT will take place from 2nd to 22nd of March, for further info about the cost email us to The cost includes accomodation, food (the days we stay in our lodges) , the price does not include the tickets for the journey nor the food in Rurrenabaque and the Sun Island outside our lodges. Besides if you need a healing that is not included in the retreat,

- 2nd arrival and check in ALLKAMARI
We will coordinate the arrival from people that live in other countries and in other places outside La Paz so we can pick them up and transfer them to our lodges.

- 3rd TO 15th TRIP TO RURRENABAQUE (WIZARD MOUNTAIN) we will start the journey early in the morning, we have an 18 hours journey, we will arrive on 4th in the morning to our lodge. We will rest the whole day.
From 4th to 14th we will do the diet of YACHAYS (jungle healers), we will work in many ceremonies with the mother Ayawaska, we will have a tobacco circle and we will work with plants from the jungle.

- 15th, RETURN TO LA

Re: Earth-Keeper's Group Magnificent Aya Ceremony on lake Titicaca on the Full Moon of August 8, 20

dear ryan: I am sorry. I just went to see Don Agustin and he is as strong and beautiful as ever. People can visit
Him I PERU. You may contact me at