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Phantom Reunion

Having just seen the photo of Kipper at the reunion the first thought that struck me was "what is he saying", This has got to be the classic competion photo that needs a caption, no prizes for the best one but I think with our service humour could give us a few laughs.
John G

Re: Phantom Reunion

I can think of a good one but I won't post it as
kipper is Ex 92 Sqn.

We look after each other LOL
Once 92 always 92

Re: Phantom Reunion

Hi Tony,
Kipper started as a lowly Cpl on 43 who did not know what a wing lock was and yes he was a Bu---hitter then but boy could he drink. You did not invite him to your house unless you had a good supply of beer and put your wifes fancy candles away, otherwise instant flames and instant light
John G