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Any funny or great xmas stuff??

Wildenrath late 80 ish I was kidnapped by Olly Barrett and Al Cochrane ( Bless Him ) taken to 60 Sqn xmas beer call where a certain Ali McKay turned up with a bit of wood with 2 glasses attached and some apple corn..... Tip never trust a Jock Grouppie he always wins

Re: Any funny or great xmas stuff??

Mmmm.... only one post on Xmas. Well I do recall an event at the Burg Wassenburg on the occasion of the 92 Sqn Xmas party in `82 (or was it 83?) There was a large tank with live lobsters in. Apparently they were for the diners. Some (no names) must have mistook the word `diners` for `dancers` because there was one pi$$ed off restaurant manager watching 92 Sqn linies bopping with the lobsters on the dance floor (bopping???? dates me JUST a bit !!