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Did 74 Sqn equip with F4M`s alongside the J`s they got from Primark?

Re: XV474

Apparently Yes. See

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Thanks Kev, I wasnt sure. I did a short stint at Wattisham in 84 on the Chuff `n` Fluff Mod team and 74 were just equipping with the J`s. I did feel sorry for the lads, it must have been hell in San Diego!!

Re: XV474

Hi mate

when 228 began to wind down a bit and coincidentally the Cold war wind down started, blue crossing Buccs and F-4s in late 1990-early 91 the decision was made that it was easier to can the smallest umber of kites, ie the J model rather and reduce the M fleet any further.
therefore the J was got rid of, the M replaced it on 74 an 228 closed and a Phantom Training FLight established at Wattashame for the short times growbags

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