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F4 engineers perspective

Hi all

I am writing a book on the F4 from the eyes of an FLM on 111(F) squadron in the mid 70's and am looking for photos or stories from those who were either FLM's on F4s in the RAF at the time, or were in the shed or on the test bed or in a bay and would welcome contributions from anyone as long as it is relevant to that period and that aircraft. The book is going on sale through Fontana books and I am really pressed for time now and have few photographic evidence of that time from the shed especially. I have looked on the gallery and I will contact some peeps as there are some I can use but if you have any others that you think might be useful let me know, or if you want to write a passage or a paragraph about what you got up to during the mid 70's on Phantoms in the RAF. This might be an exercise story or a story about a detachment or whatever, just help me out here please as the dead line approaches and I am left bereft of photos or stories, even about what you might have got up to in Malta down the Gut or in Limassol in the square or in Pops and Eddies in Germany. Come on lets get our story written for once.
My home number if you want to have a chat about something you got up to on tooms is 01665 578 105