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Wattishams XT914

I am part of a team restoring XT914, we are looking for some items to complete the task: intake blanks, EJ seat furnishings (we have bare metal seats), an egress ladder (the one that sits over the left intake), and rarest of all both front and rear sticks. If anyone knows where we might find any of these items then please get in touch with me via:
We would love to see you guys at our museum at Wattisham, please visit our website to see what we are about. Also please keep an eye out towards October for a phantom photo call in the HAS, this will be an opportunity for us to raise some funds to complete our restoration work. Thank you for reading this.

Re: Wattishams XT914

Hi Jim, I was in AEDIT with Kipper, the Elvin twins, Stevie Jones, Ken Brown, Graham Dunn, Brian Cardy and Mick Whight, the boss, in the early to late eighties. There were spare sticktops around, several sat in the MU at Carlisle I recall. Several of these guys still live locally to Wattisham and might just be able to help you. If you want Mike Whight's email, he lives in Stowmarket, get back to me on