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Next reunion dinner?


I am travelling to the UK from New Zealand on holiday next year and was wondering if there was a reunion dinner organised for 2017?

If so I can be flexible with my arrangements and fit the dinner in!!

It would be great to meet up with old colleagues from the Phanthom fleet once again.

Kindly let me know...............Kes (Robert Kesby)

0064 21 025 19226

Ex 92 SQN RAF Wildenrath 1980 - 1982

Re: Next reunion dinner?

Hi Kes, you probably remember me from 92 Sqn days? I remember you!!! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚. If you don't remember then ask Brian McRitchie and he will put you in the picture๐Ÿ˜‹

There is no reunion planned for 2017 that I am aware of! Next reunion is planned for 2018 ( Centenary of the Royal Air Force)

A notice will appear on the website in early 2017. Hope this helps you to still plan to come over and see us all.

Best wishes.


Re: Next reunion dinner?

Hi Roger,

Of course I remember you!!

Thank you for informing me of the forthcoming celebration in 2018 - this is certainly worth considering.

Den Rayner and Brian Mcritchie have also informed me of the possibility that this event may take place.

I shall keep an eye out on the website for confirmation.

Best wishes from NZ................Kes

Re: Next reunion dinner?

Sorry to hear the next reunion in 2018 is cancelled.

I must admit I don't remember seeing an Email about it and I also check spam regularly.

maybe others have had the same issue?

Ginge Williams 43 and MCS Bay Leuchars

Re: Next reunion dinner?

It is a sad state when we can't get enough support for a re-union, especially in the centenary year of the RAF. Surely there has to be enough of us still alive and kicking to hold a get together for at least 200, including our better halves, or do I really live on another planet?

Re: Next reunion dinner?

Steve let's go back to the original concept of the doo organised by Kipper. It's about blokes and thier wives/partners getting together to meet old friends, nothing else..

Re: Next reunion dinner?

Hi Frank, yes a reunion for old friends and enemies, is what I thought all the reunions to date have been about. I was only saying what I thought that it is sad that 200 of us can't commit so hat the organiser/s are not out of pocket. If we are going to have another reunion, which, I hope we do, it had better be soon before too many of us fall off our perches. Hope to see you, and loads more phantomeers, in the not too different future.
Steve Hanson