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Imps and Aces Book

I read this tome last week, genuine laugh out loud book, really enjoyed a well written and familiar story.

And John Rowe, you really need to read this if only for the name check!

Re: Imps and Aces Book

All lies, I was never there guv. Anyway Bren has broken the first cardinal rule of detachments - what happens on tour stays on tour. Unforgiveable

Re: Imps and Aces Book

hi john

I agree, but the book is actually a really good read, very funny and laugh out loud in places.

Hows it hanging anyway old friend? I'm still plugging away, trying to keep the Oil & gas Industry afloat! there are some around here that could do with your "old fashioned" style of man management, I lose my temper with some of them on a regular basis!

still we do have an active egg chaser here, still plays rugger too, so we have the regular rugby vs poofball "debates"!

hope all good big man!


Re: Imps and Aces Book

Hi Tony,

What do you mean by my "old fashioned" man (or should that not be people to be politically correct) management style. Anyway, now I am a CI Lean Six Sigma practitioner I adopt a more consultative approach to engage all levels of the business. When that fails I just t**t them. Also, talking post detachment almost got me court martialled at Wattisham.

Re: Imps and Aces Book

Ha! i took our projects manager into the car park, for one of your type of one to one conversations, he was being an a**e, i was advised by our EHS guy to go round the oother side of the building next time as i was on CCTV!