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17 Sqdn Phantomeers

I went to a 17 Sqdn reunion 2 weeks ago at Lincoln, it was a good evening except I was the one and only Phantom guy attending. It was mainly engineers, there were a couple of aircrew there, including Sir Dusty Miller. There is another reunion in 2019, are there any other 17 Phantomeers interested to compete with the Jag, Tonker, Tiffy and F35 boys and girls? If so let me know and I will forward the details.

Best wishes
Steve Hanson
EX 17, 56, 228 OCU, PMS, Coningsby Eng Ops and PAEDIT

Re: 17 Sqdn Phantomeers

Hi Steve...

… 'wish I'd known about the 17 (Black Hand Gang) 'do' in Lincoln and would certainly have joined you. I was probably the last Phantomeer on 17 and spent the next ten years on 56, 19, Majors at St.Athan and 19 again including 5 months with 23 FI Det. Left the RAF in 1987... 55th birthday... joined 19 All Ranks Assoc. and Phantomeers. Did the Coventry reunion but too old now (<86) to drive 100+ miles to Leeds etc. However, as I live in Wisbech, Lincoln area is well within reach and would appreciate details etc. if convenient.