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Last Ever Phanthom Reunion?

Guys: as there have been various times to have reunions and they have been cancelled due to lack of support, is it time for a final Harrah!. What about a last ever Phanthom Phinali? I live in NZ so need to plan - let me know as none of us are getting any younger. Best wishes all Kes EX 92 SQN and now F/S RNZAF Lateral Recruiter.

Re: Last Ever Phanthom Reunion?

Hi Kes. Don’t despair yet! I have one last ‘whacky’ idea to try and generate an interest in another proper reunion in 2020/2021. But I just want to float the idea around some of the guys in Leeds at the September meet. If the idea is received positively then I will attempt one last time to pull together ‘something’ and people will get loads of notice. But people do have to commit .

If the support for my idea doesn’t gain traction, then I’m going to go off the ‘grid’ and just wait for my posting to RAF Little Snoring 💤 Ha! Ha!

Keep your fingers crossed for one last big hurrah!

Roger Dodger

Re: Last Ever Phanthom Reunion?

Hi Rog,

Many thanks for your email.

The reason why I asked about a Phanthom Phinali was quite simple - I am 60 next year and I know that many of our members are of a similar age (if not older)!

I would so much like to be re-aquainted with my colleagues from 92 SQN as the guys there were ace and made it some of the best years of my service life (which is ongoing in New Zealand)!!

I wait (with anticipation) for your next function idea after the Leeds beer festival - goodness me as a current CAMRA Life member living in another country I do miss the British Real Ale.

Take care all..............Kes

Blenheim, New Zealand

Re: Last Ever Phanthom Reunion?

Hey Guys

I'm still out here but I'm in Benidorm when the Leeds thrash is on. I know, I know, Benidorm's got a baaaaad reputation but it's the closest you can get to a block bar bash these days.

Tin Man