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RNZAF Chief Recruit Instructor

Hi Guys,

Kes here from NZ - Ex Clicky on 92 SQN.

I am still serving in the RNZAF after having served in the RAF for almost 30 years (Avionics C/T).

I have been selected into the very important position as the the F/S Chief instructor at the Command Recruit Training Squadron in charge of all new RNZAF recruits - what a humbling opportunity!!

As a Phantomeer I will ensure that all war stories are passed onto the new generation of Kiwis!!

By the way, when is the next major Phantomeer gathering?

Best wishes................Kes (Blenheim, New New Zealand).

Re: RNZAF Chief Recruit Instructor

Well done Kes! Congratulations! 🥂🍻🎊🎉. Time to celebrate!!

Re next Phantomeers gathering - watch this space! I am going to make one final attempt to organise the very very last Phantomeers Reunion (if no other volunteer can be found to take over from me?).

If I can get enough support for the event, it will be held in late 2020. I’m hoping to get something up on the Forum in the next month or so, giving everyone 18months notice of the event.

Hope you will be able to make it.

Best wishes from the land of exit chaos!


Re: RNZAF Chief Recruit Instructor

Hi Roger,

Many thanks for your feedback - I look forward to the new job which starts in April.

As stated, there will be a few memories of 92 SQN (and Phanthoms) shared with the young 'Kiwis' and with that our legacy continues!!

I very much look forward to hearing about any proposed reunion dinner and do hope that we can make it.

Best wishes from a very warm New Zealand...............Kes