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Anyone out there?

I am interested to know if anyone is still checking this website regularly as all posts seemed to have dried up, with the exception of obituary notifications. I was also wondering if there is anyone still serving that worked on Phantoms, given how long ago they came out of servive

Re: Anyone out there?

Still here John! There are still some that touch base fairly regularly, but most are now using Facebook and ex-Sqn groups. There might still be the lowliest sprog from 1992 still in but he would have to be a WO/FS to have made it! Glad to see you are still going....:nerd_face:

Re: Anyone out there?

I’m still here John! I agree with you that there appears to be little activity on the website, could be a reason for lack of support for any further reunions. Am still in touch with other guys from the good old Phantom days.

If there is anyone out there who is an avid ‘social media’ user, you might want to put the message out that I’m prepared one last time to organise another function year 21/22. Preferably combined with Remembrance Sunday march past the Cenotaph in London! We could march as the Phantomeers. I would need at least 140 volunteers to attend in the hope that on the Sunday, we could put out a squad of 100 on the march past.

It wouldn’t be cheap! But there must be quite a number of Phantomeers who have it on their ‘bucket list’ to experience the occasion. I did my first Cenotaph parade last year with the Harrier Force. It was a fantastic weekend meeting many colleagues from the past. So I have my name down again for this year.

For those who are not aware, any Veteran from the Forces is entitled to take part in the Cenotaph parade - if it’s organised in advance!

And it’s a bloody good social weekend!

Re: Anyone out there?

It would be good to have one last meet-up, and I hope I'm still around and able to attend