Please enter my survey.

I'm interested to know how you came across my blog so please take a minute to take part in my survey.

How did you find my blog for the first time?
By using the bloglist on another blog
By following a link from someone else's blog post
By using a blog directory
By using an Internet search
Someone recommended it to me
By using a link from one of my other websites
By using social media such as facebook, pininterest etc
By following the link from a comment that I made on someone else's blog
By following the link from a comment that I made on your blog
By following a blogger next blog button

How often do you visit my blog?
I am a follower
I follow using Facebook
I am a regular visitor but I don't follow
This is my first visit
This is my first visit but I will be back
I visit every now and then but read every post
I visit occasionally but don't read every post

What makes you comment on a blog post?
I don't comment
To answer a question asked in the post
To share my experiences
To answer questions and share experiences
To make contact with the writer
To provide the writer with feedback and encouragement.
I always try to make a comment of some sort for all of the reasons mentioned above
I only comment if I think I have something of value to say

Why do you prefer not to make a comment? I've no problem with this - just curious!
I just want to read the post in peace.
I want to remain anonymous
I don't have anything to say
I don't have the time to make comments
I feel shy about joining in
Lots of people have already made comments
The people making comments all seem to 'know' one another

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